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Wood & Stain Options

These are the woods and finishes that we use.

    Walnut is a very fine dark hardwood. We use a clear finish which enhances the beauty of the walnut grain.
    Dark Walnut stain gives the rich walnut grain a finish that resembles mahogany.
    Cherry is a beautiful hardwood that can vary considerably in appearance depending on the finish used. Our natural cherry finish highlights the grain and beauty of the wood and takes on a honey color.
    Dark Cherry finish, which is more traditional, gives a more formal look, with a deep purple or mahogany color.
    Oak is a very durable hardwood. We use both white and red oak, which has a golden color when finished.
    Ash is used in our economy human urns. This hardwood is very durable. The grain may not be as consistent as other woods.
    Black stain still allows for the wood grain to show through.


New Option

You may now order any of our stock or special custom bases unfinished.  They will be sanded and ready for you to paint or finish.  The discount is 10%.

Unfinished trophy base
Sample of Unfinished Walnut

Unfinished trophy bottom base
Sample of Unfinished Cherry


Below are samples of our walnut and cherry finishes.


Walnut trophy base

Dark Walnut

Dark Walnut trophy base

Natural Cherry

Natural Cherry trophy base

Stained Cherry

Cherry trophy base

Black Stain

Black trophy base