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Human Cremation Urns, Pet Urns, Dog Urns, Cat Urns FAQs

1. How long does it take to receive my urn?

  • Plain Urns are usually shipped the next business day.
  • Plain Urns with a brass plate are usually shipped in about a week.
  • Lasered Urns are usually shipped in approximately 6-8 weeks.
    *Expedited service on human urns will be quoted on a case by case basis, with additional cost range of $75 -$200 + UPS air charges.

2. How do I open the urn?
The bottom is removed by taking out 4 screws. There is a ziplock bag included for the cremains.

Bottom of an Urn
Human Urn Bottom

3. What are my costs?
For pet urns, the cost of the urn (small, medium, or large) plus UPS shipping to your zip code, and any options you choose. Options include $55.00 to $65.00 for lasering, if you choose to add a laser picture of your pet. Brass plates can be done alone or in addition to the laser engraving for $20.

For human urns, the cost of the urn plus options, a lasered picture is $90.00. Brass plates can be done alone or in addition to the laser engraving for $20.00.

Our secure shopping cart will figure all charges and shipping costs and give you a total.

4. Which wood gives the best lasering results?
Natural cherry (Benny & Human Urn) gives the clearest picture with the most contrast. We do not laser on dark cherry, oak, walnut, dark walnut, or ash.

Human Urn Laser Engraved

5. Do I mail a print of my picture or e-mail the picture to you?
Either way works. If you mail us a picture, it will be returned to you with the completed urn.

Mail To:
H.A.L. Woodworking
1283 Red Hill Rd
Big Island, VA 24526

If you email us a picture, first place your order using our secure shopping cart, then send the picture as an attachment in a seperate email. Please remember that the quality of the lasering is directly dependent on the quality of the picture, so the higher resolution the better. If at all possible, always send the highest quality photo you can.

Email To:
Please reference your order number.

6. Can I add a brass plate in addition to the lasering?
Yes, it can be placed on the side of the urn with the picture on the top.

7. Can the lasering be done on the SIDE of the urn?
No, due to how the lasering machine works and how the urns are crafted, we can only laser the TOP of the urn.

8. What size urn should I order?
For cats & small dogs up to 20 lbs, our small pet urn will usually suffice. For pets 20-50 lbs, select our medium pet urn. For pets over 50 lbs, select our large pet urn.

Human urns will accommodate the cremains of almost all adults.

9. Will a temporary urn fit inside our urns?
We are often asked if the inexpensive black plastic box or cardboard box ( provided by funeral homes and crematories to families that have not purchased an urn for the cremains of their loved one) will fit into our human urns.

The INSIDE dimensions of our human urns are 5 3/4" X 5 3/4" x 8 1/4", so in most cases the temporary box will not fit, but the cremains WILL fit.The solution is simple, however. Just take our urn to the funeral home or crematory and ask them to transfer the cremains ( which are already in a heavy plastic bag) to our urn, and discard the temporary box. You can also do the transfer yourself if you wish.

Please note it is not feasible for us to construct one custom urn to accommodate the temporary box.