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Specialty Lasering & Engraving
We utilize two firms to laser our box tops, urns and plaques, plus engraving plates.


L.S.E. (Lynchburg Specialty Engraving)

This firm is located 30 miles east of our shop, and provides quick and convenient engraving of brass plates and lasering of some of our wood box tops and plaques. They can also mount your trophy or award on one of our stock or custom bases, plus mount brass plates (See example on our unique custom page).

Contact or

Phone: (434) 845-8266

The Steve Ward and Friends Foundation Trophy
Examples of LSE Plates

LSE Plates
Examples of LSE Plates



Kustom Kraft Laser ExampleKustom Kraft Laser

Lasering on all of our pet urns and human urns is done by Kustom Kraft Laser in Kendall, WI (See examples on our custom pet urns page, and the horse lasered image to the right).

Bob Stremcha, owner of Kustom Kraft Laser also lasers pictures of people and places on our Virginia Box tops (See example on our Logo Box page, picture of St. John's Church).

Contact Bob at, by phone 608-463-7808, or visit his website

Bob has the equipment and skill to do the most intricate of laser work.